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Fizz! Bang! Pop! Science Show

Fizz! Bang! Pop! Science Show


A fun science show for kids parties!

From liquid nitrogen & vortex fog ring through to weird vibrations in elephant tubes and mega-giant bubbles, the kids will have a blast!
Designed for kids aged 5 & up and available across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & beyond.

Four kids smiling whilst a fog cloud spills over the side of a science presentation desk past a measuring cylinder, thermos and kettle

Parties designed from experience

Our parties have been designed by experienced science teachers and communicators to make sure that the balance is right; cool experiments that they don’t normally see at school and all the fun stuff that you would see at a science toy store!

Plus we’ve run 1000’s of kids science parties since 2004 so all experiments have been completely tried and tested. With all the great feedback we’ve had, your child is sure to have a blast!

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Science Show Demonstrations

Giant bubbles!

How can you form massive bubbles?

Vortex fog rings

So cool! Energy can move from one place to another

Mega Hoberman Sphere

It's huge! Plus it teaches us about spinning and size

Newton colour wheel

All about colour mixing

Elephants tube & straw flutes

Very long tube = very low pitch

Slinky shake

What do vibrations look like?

Disappearing water

A chemical change that discusses absorption

Sticky balloons

It's all about static electricity!

Balloon blow up

Liquid nitrogen makes things go bang!

The flying glove

Heating gases causes rapid expansion!

Liquid Nitrogen bubble column

Rapid expansion equals a a foaming elephants toothpaste

Liquid Nitrogen sprinkler

Rapid expansion of Nitrogen can be utilised - what about water?

Huge fog cloud!

Hot water + liquid nitrogen = huge cloud!


For ages 5 and up.

Our qualified science presenter will bring all tables and experiments.

Recommended for up to 30 children.

Access to an area capable of holding up to 30 kids – this could be indoors or outdoors.

Access to electrical power and running water

Chairs are not required.

We travel too! Extra costs apply.

Duration 45 minutes.

Set up time 30 minutes

Pack up time 30 minutes

Additional background information for having a science party

Ideas for complementing a science party

Science party FAQ’S

Science party venue ideas


Dependent on when you wish to have the party.

We don’t charge per child for this science show.

Recommended for up to 30 children

We’ve had awesome feedback over the years from thousands of science parties!

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