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Light & Sound Experiments

Bubble Rainbow Rings

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Discover why rainbows in abubble actually happen

Its all about interference!

Create a simple lens

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Spread light out

Simple lens experiment

Star Wars Slinky Sounds!

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An awesome sound effect!

Classic vibrations

Make a straw flute

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Investigate vibrations

So much fun to do!

Underwater telephone

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Amplify underwater sounds

So easy to do!

Coathanger gong

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Surprisingly "loud" experiment

Sound transfer demonstration

Lovely light beam experiment

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Pour light out of a bottle

Demonstrates how optic fibre works

Slinky shake experiment

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Learn how waves form

Understand sound & light

Balloon and nut hummer

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Faster = higher pitch

Primary science experiment

Red car goes black?

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No red light, no work!

Learn light fundamentals

Create Glowing Messages

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Learn about fluorescence

Quick to put together!

Newton colour wheel

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Spin rainbows to white

Learn about colour addition

Make Coloured Shadows

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Discover how colour works

Great for young and old kids

Why are sunsets red?

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Common question kids have

Learn about Rayleigh scattering

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