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Kitchen Chemistry Experiments

Walking water

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Coloured walking water science activity! This colourful experiment is a great way to look at capillary action and uses easy to source materials.

Pen chromatography

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Colourful science with simple materials

Fantastic for forensics

Water down a string

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An easy experiment to replicate
Demonstrate water cohesion

Drops on a coin

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Explore surface tension
Who can fit the most drops?

Pepper & surface tension

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Easily show that surface tension exists!
Simple science with kitchen materials

How to keep fruit from going brown

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Learn the chemical reason...

Great to know for BBQ's!

Make rock candy

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Crystallize sugar to eat!

Science of super-saturation

Skittle science!

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Visualize chemical concentrations

It's pretty too!

Sweet Drinks

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Some sink & others float...

Density experiment for kids

Rusty nail experiment

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Classic oxidation experiment

What makes things rust?

Detect Iron In Food With Tea

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Chelating the chemicals

Tea science?

Grow yeast experiment

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Classic fermentation experiment

Learn about controlling variables

Dish soap slime

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Super easy slime recipe!

All about surfactants!

Gooey slime

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It's the slime in science kits!

Polymer science in action

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