Heat Experiments

Heat Experiments

Rising water experiment

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Learn about air pressure with the classic rising water experiment! You just need a candle, some water, a glass and a plate to do this activity

Colourful currents

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A colourful density experiment

It's all about heat!

Science and cooking via Baked Alaska

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Learn about insulation by cooking!

Yummy science :)

Why do temperature layers form in the ocean?

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Convection activity

Learn about density

Make toffee

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Crystallize your science.

More science to eat!

Endothermic reaction

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Use only pantry ingredients!

Reactions that get colder!

Make honeycomb

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Heat can break bonds

Science you can eat!

Pizza box solar oven

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Control the Sun's rays

Get cooking!

Lemon juice Christmas cards

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Just add heat!

Christmas chemistry

Make A Simple Thermometer

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Uses household materials

Thermal expansion of liquids

Microwave soap

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Why does this happen?

Get adult help please!

Dry ice + spoons

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Good vibrations

Adult help please

What freezes first … hot or cold water?

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Experiment with a weird result

Learn about energy within a liquid

Ice-cream in a bag

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Yummy ice-cream making!

All about freezing points

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