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Biology & Environmental Science Projects

Handy Movement

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Create a working hand model!
Learn how the hand is able to flex using tendons & muscles

How to keep fruit from going brown

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Learn the chemical reason...

Great to know for BBQ's!

Grow yeast experiment

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Classic fermentation experiment

Learn about controlling variables

Pizza box solar oven

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Control the Sun's rays

Get cooking!

Collect animal footprints

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Casts their prints

Who goes there?

Create an ant farm

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Your own mini-ecosystem

Observe tunneling for days

Make an Insect Pooter

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A simple insect catcher!

Easy to make & use

Create a water filter

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Extract DNA

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Get DNA from household materials

Easy to do!

Shriveling potatoes

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Osmosis taught easily

Uses materials from the kitchen!

Recycled paper

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Look after our world

Weekend activity for kids

Make your own compost

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Recycle kitchen scraps

Improve your garden

10 Ways to Reduce Energy Needs

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Save energy & feel good

It'll save money too!

Make a secchi disc

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Determine water turbidty

Easy to make

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